10x10x10 Cube YuXin HuangLong

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The world famous company Yuxin never ceases to amaze and delight with their novelties. However, this time she decided to pamper lovers of large cubes and released a real giant — HuangLong 10x10x10.

Unbelievable but fact — is an expression that can describe the sensations during the solving of a given cube. It's amazing how smooth the rotation of such a voluminous puzzle can be. New technology that prevents ‘POP’, makes internal rotation more stable and softer.

Over the long period of existence of the Rubik's cube, Yuxin's HuangLong — the first 10x10 cube, which was released in the color version - now bright colors are also available to such giants! Moreover, in the set are additional items that can be replaced in case of loss. The original version with stickers was also released. These vinyl german stickers of high quality are in no way inferior to the version without stickers.

Every connoisseur of complex and massive cubes is simply obliged to take a chance and solve an incredible HuangLong. Most likely, even more than once, because the cube is so convenient, fast and soft that it leaves no choice, but makes the solving!

Manufacturer: YuXin (ZhiSheng)
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купил я тут кубика рубика YUXIN 10X10 HUANGLONG крутица просто супер не мог отарваца от него Роман Остапенко так держать большое спасибо за такой шикарный кубик
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