2x2x2 Cubes

2x2 Rubik's Cube or "Pocket Cube"

— is a two-layer mechanical puzzle, that consists of 8 corner pieces. The main objective: to place the corner pieces so that each of the 6 sides had only one color.

2x2 Rubik's Cube speed solving is the second most popular event at the official WCA speedcubing competitions. Single attempt World Record is 0.69 seconds and belongs to the Christian Kaserer from Italy, while the World Record holder at the average time (1.60 seconds) is an American Lucas Etter.

When to buy 2x2 Rubik's Cube? When an ordinary cube is solved and you are imbued with the speedcubing world, you want to indulge in a new puzzle. Pocket Cube will be the next step in the hobby — such a seemingly simple, but at the same time interesting cube.

In fact, this is a simplified version of the classic Rubik's Cube 3x3. The main difference is that the middle layer in all three axes is "hidden" inside the structure, and its elements do not affect the solving process.

Seems that everything is easy, and such cube can be solved without troubles. However, we do not recommend try 2x2 Cube, if you have not yet learned how to solve the Rubik's Cube, because here there are some nuances, and to understand them, you should have a minimal experience.

Cheap 2x2 Cubes suitable for beginner cubers, though many of the low-end models are not inferior in quality and speed characteristics to more expensive professional models. Most new models feature an improved appearance, interior design, polished to detail the torsion mechanism. This is very important when the account goes on miliseconds.

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