Customised Branded 3x3 Cube

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The logo makes the cube special, but what if a single one is not enough? How to make a cube more recognisable? Puzzle store «Cut Corner Cubes» provides a unique opportunity to order a branded cube — any logos on any cube to make it truly special!

What is the feature of the branded cube? The fact that each sticker has an ideal shape and is cut for each element separately. In addition, you can be sure that the stickers will not peel off, even if you try very hard, as a good adhesive base is applied to each sticker. Moreover, with time they do wear out, because they are covered on top with a layer of laminated film.

In addition, by ordering a branded cube, you get not only a high-quality, but also a very beautiful puzzle, because the laminated surface and full-colour printing look very attractive.

This puzzle will be a great gift or a unique accessory that represents the company. To create such a cube, 3x3 Cube QiYi Sail or ShengShou Legend are usually used. However, if you wish, we can use any, even professional 3x3 Cube.

To order contact us with any method that are described at "Contacts" page, or make an order through the cart, and we will contact with you.

Manufacturer: Cut Corner Cubes (CCC)
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