Rubik's Cube Gan354 M (magnetic)

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After an endless stream of requests for the creation of a new model of Rubik's Cube, GAN has listened to the requests and presented the GAN354 M court for review to the public. Immediately, this model takes the lead, along with other well-known models.

What makes it so special? GAN decided not to hide the “inner world” anymore and now you can see the magnets, as the magnetic capsules have become visible. Innovative magnet placement technology will help avoid permanent problems with magnets that are losing their place.

Constant optimization has allowed us to extend cut-corner perfomance up to 55 degrees, a new design of corner elements, super anti-pop and super anti-corner twist parts make the cube more stable.

However, the very first thing that catches your eye is the size of the cube, because it is only 54 mm, which makes it more convenient and allows you to keep the assembly under control. It is also important that this model is stickerless, and the premium colored plastic looks very attractive.

The hard work of the developers, attention to every detail in order to improve the puzzle - it is worth it to test your skills and abilities with GAN354m.

Packaging: Rubik's Cube, plastic wrench, kit of nuts & springs, instruction, transparent plastic box GanBox v3.

Manufacturer: Gan
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я купил кубика рубика ган 354 это просто бомба а не кубик советую всем купить этот кубик любые алгаритмы делаются очень лехко и плавно большое спасибо Роману Владимировичу
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