Rubik's Cube Gan356 X

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A novelty, a bomb, a real explosion — sometimes there are not enough words to describe the next novelty from GAN, however — here it is — a sensation and a breakthrough — GAN356-X. What is there in it that makes it better than its predecessors?

For the first time, you choose what your cube will be this time. You can put strong or weak magnets, and for comparison — they can be removed altogether! After all, the kit comes with as many as 3 sets of magnets, 36 magnets, 12 in each set. For smoother and softer rotation at high speed, the magnets are located in each element, which significantly reduces the risk of leaving the edge unclosed and not complete the assembly. Experiment, swap magnetic capsules, create your ideal cube pattern, which only helps to break records.

Also, the system of internal mechanisms of GES was improved to GES+, which increases the controllability of the cube. Moreover, there are interchangeable nuts in the kit, with which you adjust the force of compression of the bolts, thereby further adjusting the cube for yourself. The unique Numerical IPG system — is a tension system that makes it possible to adjust the core to fit your hands. How will you know that the cube is configured evenly? Each nut has tension (1.0, 0.7, 0.5), so you can find the perfect balance, which adds another “plus” to the piggy bank of perfection GAN356-X.

The first, unique cube, in which, it would seem, all the characteristics are pumped to the maximum, all the conditions for setting up and creating a truly “own” puzzle are created.

Manufacturer: Gan
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Спасибо за кубик. Качество отличное. Есть регулировка гайками и магнитами. По ощущениям - не обычный куб. Кажется, что даже немного доворачивает грань. Вязкости в работе не увидел. Быстрый, тихий. Короче говоря для души. Денег своих стоит. Доставка быстрая, Ребята молодцы. Желаю им успехов. .Ассортимент в магазине хороший. Надеюсь на дальнейшее сотрудничество. Кубик к покупке рекомендую.
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