Rubik's Cube X-Man Tornado

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X-Man Tornado

— modification of the sensational model MoFangGe Thunderclap v1, which the manufacturer QiYi decided to allocate to a separate brand — "X-Man".

X-Man Tornado has a similar design, but with some modifications. Extra rails and unnecessary transitions are gone, but lengthenings on the elements are appeared. The new design of corners and edges prevents unintentional damage of the cube during falls and careless torsion. Classic anti-flip mechanism, which has become very popular after Gan357 release and is present almost in all new cubes, do not used in X-Man 3x3 cube. But due to the new plastic composition (it became more rough and now it's like MoYu AoLong v2 plastic), to flip corners is very difficult even manually. Corner cutting of the X-man Tornado do not concede to its predecessor and competitors — it can cuts any angles almost without efforts. At the same time, chances of pop and lock-up are reduced to zero. It is worth noting that the cube has an unusual form of stickers, which are made of high-quality fluorescent vinyl, and do not get off during long term puzzle use.

Tornado from the X-Man will give you a new feeling of solving process. Speed ​​characteristics combined with pleasant tactile sensations make the model a worthy continuation of the line of speed cubes!

Manufacturer: MoFangGe (QiYi, X-Man, The Valk)
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