Rubik's Cube XiaoMi Giiker Cube i3s (magnetic)

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In the age of modern technologies and information society, modernization has not bypassed even such puzzles as the Rubik's Cube! It is surprising and unusual to hear such a phrase as “smart cube”, however, progress does not stand still and you can already see instances of this GiiKER Super Cube i3s puzzle from the global brand XiaoMi.

What is so unique and what is the distinguishing feature of this cube? The difference between the GiiKER Super Cube i3s and the usual Rubik's cube is a set of sensors, a 6-axis gyroscope and a Bluetooth module for synchronization with a smartphone.

Are you at a dead end? No problem, just connect the cobe with the smartphone, and the sensors will track every action you take. If within 5 seconds you do not make any movements, the ways of solving and will appear on the screen.

In addition, this cube is not different from the leaders among ordinary Rubik's cubes - speed, smoothness and softness can be envied, and it looks as if it leaves no doubts and hesitation. On top of that, the highlight is that this cube is magnetic.

Manufacturer: XiaoMi
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