Rubik's Cube YongJun JinJiao (concave)

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What is required to create an unusual and high-quality cube? Just a little imagination, as demonstrated by the notorious YongJun company, creating a unique, concave cube!

Durable and high-quality plastic, resistant to damage, which provides more control, and pleasant, warm colors will not leave you indifferent. Also, the convex design gives the impression of a three-dimensional image, which helps better view the situation and contributes to the rapid іщдмштп of the puzzle.

The robust core design improves stability, and the factory assembly provides smooth, high speed without consequences like "lock-up" or "pop".

It is noteworthy that in 10 years of production of cubes, only one model of a concave cube was created, a well-known company FangCun, however, the quality of production left much to be desired and the cube did not receive popularity because it did not cut corners and constantly stuck.

This model is suitable for a speed jacket of any age and gender. It does not matter at what speed you collect the cube — Yongjun Jinjiao is the cube that will complement your unique collection.

Manufacturer: YongJun (YJ)
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