4x4x4 Cube MoYu AoSu 62 mm

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MoYu AoSu — is a puzzle that has completely changed the idea about opportunities of ​​the 4x4 Cubes. This model appeared on the market a few months after the release of MoYu WeiSu, and it is an upgraded version of its predecessor.

In general, the design is not differs from other 4x4 Cubes, but every single puzzle piece has a unique shape. Engineers who develop AoSu took into account all the shortcomings of the famous 4x4 Cube ShengShou, and now we have a puzzle that looks very tight, almost never lock-ups, turns at enough high speed, cuts serious corners, as for 4x4 Cube, and with proper setting - never popped.

Out of the box the cube looks dryish, but after lubrication with Maru lube becomes a very serious tool for achieving new records! In our experience we can say that with MoYu AoSu step 3x3 is passed very smoothly and therefore very fast.

This masterpiece showed its power in practice: immediately after the release, such monsters of world speedcubing as Sebastian Weyer and Feliks Zemdegs set world records with AoSu at home and at the official competition.

MoYu AoSu 4x4 Cube

— is a very good buy even for the beginner, because puzzle is made of high quality plastic and leaves only a pleasant impression.

Length of an edge, mmWeight, g

Manufacturer: MoYu (Cong's, GuoGuan)
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Reviews (7)
# 1
Самая стабильная и быстрая головоломка, которую далось крутить, не считая топ трешек. Если хотите получить полную уверенность в своем 4х4 - это ваш выбор.
# 2
Куб отличный, о попе и локапе можно забыть. Слои ходят легко и плавно. Совсем не жалею о покупке, а наоборот, только радуюсь покупке :-) .
# 3
Взял слоновую кость куб просто прелесть.
Спасибо Роману за быструю доставку)
# 4
Дуже крутий куб. Сьогодні отримав. Прийшов настроєним і змащеним. За що спасибі Роману Остапенку. На цьому сайті найнижча ціна на цей куб і на всі інші. Задоволений кубом на всі 100%.
# 5
Куб шикарен, советую всем :)
# 6
Чудовий куб
# 7
Просто замечательный куб, ничего лучшего не крутил, качество отличное, всем советую!
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