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Stickers for Rubik's Clock allow you to fix the shortcomings of production, namely — the accuracy of the hour hand. Now you will be able to "draw" the arrows as accurate as your hands allow.

Some unscrupulous manufacturers do not bother, and draw arrows so that they point to 32 or 48 minutes instead of 30 and 45. Because of this, problems arise during solving, because at speed it is very easy to make a mistake and position the clock hand to the wrong value, and, as a result, get a DNF at the competition.

In order to apply stickers you should disassemble the Rubik's Clock. How to do this can be found on YouTube. This skill will be also useful if you decide to lubricate the Clock mechanism from inside.

Stickers on a gears need to be glued so that the arrow point strictly between the cogs. Note also the fact that the front and back hour hand on a corner gears should "look" in one direction, otherwise it will be impossible to solve the puzzle.

Manufacturer: Cut Corner Cubes (CCC)
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