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MF8 Gigaminx

— is the fourth in the dodecahedral puzzles series after Kilominx, Megaminx and Master Kilominx. It is analogue of 5x5 Cube, because it has other than the central, more two outer layers.

MF8 — this is the second company that took over the production of such a complex puzzle after Cube4You*, and we can safely state that MF8 surpassed its competitors on all counts.

Gigaminx is made in the best traditions of the MF8 brand: external and internal layers turn very well, in the case if one of the faces is misaligned, then other faces can't get stuck. From inside the pieces are carefully treated which is why you will never feel like some elements cling to others. Also under the central caps screws are hidden, which allow to tighten or weaken the layers compression at your own discretion.

Despite the seeming, at first sight, puzzle difficulty, we suggest to start it immediately after mastering of Megaminx and 5x5 Cube, because now you will need to create the triple centers and edges on the pentagonal side.

Also we advise to solve Gigaminx to large cubes fans, because the search of pieces on the 12-color puzzle is much more complicated, and subsequently acquired skills can be used to improve the results of 5x5, 6x6 and 7x7 cubes.

* Gigaminx from Cube4You is not represented in our shop, and hardly ever will be.

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