Skewb X-Man Wingy M (magnetic)

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One of the latest innovations and discoveries was the X-Man X-Man Wingy Magnetic from X-Man — the first in history skyeb with concave edges. Absolutely new design has stirred the community of speedcubers — MoFangGes' engineers could surprise again and deduce this model in leaders.

Of course, the new design was created not only for a spectacular appearance — concavity allows you to grab the cube even better, so that the possibility that it will fly out of your hands is minimized. Also, this feature simplifies the execution of complex algorithms, which can not but rejoice.

24 magnets located along the entire skewb allow perfect positioning of the faces, and full contact of the surfaces makes the rotation more smooth.

In addition, in this model, the internal mechanism is improved — internal elements are expanded, as well as grooves that prevent lock-ups of the puzzle.

Excellent ability to cut corners, softness and smoothness, the ability to control every movement — all this you get with the truly unique in the lineup X-Man Wingy Magnetic.

Packaging: Skewb, carton box, transparent plastic box, instruction.

Manufacturer: MoFangGe (QiYi, X-Man, The Valk)
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