2x2x2 Cube Gan249 v2

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Released in autumn 2017, GAN249 immediately became widely popular among amateurs and professional speedcubers. This cube makes you love solving 2x2 because of its astonishing speed. Outside, you can see an impeccable design, while inside there are definitely new patented L-type tile clips, that increase turning speed and reduce lockups.

In comparing with its predecessor, the GAN249 v2 has new form of tiles and colour scheme. Now it is brighter than the v1, which allows to recognise cases easy and fast.

GAN249 v2 has great corner-cutting parameters, and hexagonal grooves, which was derived from GAN356 Air S, allow lube last longer, that make turning very smooth. Cube is equipped with patented iron-plastic Ganscore, that allows to tune it easily. With its size of 49 mm and weight of 52 grams cube feels really ergonomic.

Nowadays, GAN249 v2 is one of the most demanded puzzles among masters.

Manufacturer: Gan
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