4x4x4 Cube MoFangGe WuQue

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When another 3x3 is assembled, and the hands require something more complicated and it is impossible not to pay attention to 4x4 WuQue from the world famous and flourishing company MoFangGe.

First of all, this cube has become a real “bomb” just after the release, but most importantly, it still remains the leader and is successfully used by many speedcubing titans.

Where does such popularity come from? It's simple: the cube is not only surprisingly smooth and soft, but also very fast. In addition, the developers have provided a solution to the most important problem: new levels of protection have been added to the cube, which simply will not allow it to pop.

High-quality premium plastic, bright stickers (and in the color version — bright high-quality plastic), stable corner-cutting performance, and most importantly — precise control. The cube literally feels every movement of the speedcuber, which is one of the most important characteristics.

If you have reached, or even on the way to the title of a professional speedcuber, then the 4x4x4 cube WuQue from MoFangGe deserves a place in your collection and will surely share with you the joy of new records.

Manufacturer: MoFangGe (QiYi, X-Man, The Valk)
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# 1
одна з найкращих четвірок, по відчуттям крутиться майже як 3х3 куб (необхідно звісно ж притерти).
З моменту покупки пройшов вже рік, за цей час вона стала ще краще, і стікери навіть ще живі (можливо я мало тренуюсь :D).
# 2
Кубик дуже сподобався. Заказував колор. Зроблено надзвичайно якісно. Спасибі магазину.
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