2x2x2 Cube MoYu WeiPo

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Weipo 2x2 MoYu

— the last word in the model range of high-speed 2x2 Cubes from the YongJun-MoYu company.

Cube turned out interesting, with its positive and negative sides. On the positive side it is worth noting its torsion, which proved like a midway between a DaYan ZhanChi 2x2 and MoYu TangPo: smooth and controlled twisting of DaYan merged with rate of TangPo, thereby improving its speed characteristics, so this will give you a sea of ​​pleasant sensations. MoYu WeiPo has wide internal elements, which are made of premium plastic, with various roundings, which allow the cube to cut any corners, withstand incredible tests of speed and AUF's without even a hint of pop's and lock-up's.

WeiPo from MoYu will bring a new colours to you weekday cubing life, will give you a special feelings, and simply did not want to let it go. With this puzzle all your dreams about new records and achievements will come true!

Manufacturer: MoYu (Cong's, GuoGuan)
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Очень хороший кубик. Суховат из коробки, но после смазки самое то. Стабильный и быстрый.
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