2x2x2 Cube YongJun GuanPo

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YongJun GuanPo

— a new generation of low-priced 2x2 Cubes from giant of puzzle building YongJun.

After first rotations of the faces, you cannot immediately determine that he is from the budget series. Despite the fact that inside MoYu GuanPo has a lot of voids, its torsion is very smooth and a little tight, due to the use of premium-plastic design (yes, even in such cheap cube as YJ GuanPo there are elements of professional cubes). The feelings from the rotation are next: on the one hand, the cube seems to be pressed down to the core and very tight, but after proper tuning transformed into fast, very TPS cube, which doesn't give you much time to think over the actions — the cube will turn all your thoughts in face rotations with incredible speed. MoYu 2x2 GuanPo cuts nice corners: about 35° forwards and 15° backwards; at high speed it doesn't lock-up and pop.

2x2 Cube GuanPo from YongJun is an excellent choice for beginners in speedcubing. It allows you to study novice and advanced solving methods, as well as train speed and twisting techniques.

Manufacturer: YongJun (YJ)
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Куб дуже хороший.ДОсить приємно крутиться , гарно ріже кути , не локапить.
Доставка як завжди на висоті.
Дякую РОману )))))
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