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Rubik's Cube Gan 3-56 mm

— a novelty of 2015, in which the manufacturer has implemented several innovations, and which set a goal to become one of the best small sized cube.

The previous model — Rubik's Cube Gans 3-57 — have a solid plastic core with rods on which nuts are screwed. This idea left, but it was implemented slightly different: now the core is made of transparent plastic and looks more classic, but instead of screws steel rods with thread for nuts are screwed in it.

Note that the screws in the 3x3 Cube Gans 3-56 mm are also present, but instead of central elements they hold corner pieces and torpedoes, so the weight of the cube will be a little more because of the significant amount of metal.

All elements are well rounded and have a ribbed surface, which reduces friction and increases the rotation speed. Interestingly, that the corner elements look acute-angled from the outside, though from the inside they have a fairly large chamfer for cutting corners.

In short, the Rubik's Cube Gans 3-56 — is the speed cube, which is designed with the latest technologies, and that will surely find its fans in the speedcubing community.

Packaging: Rubik's Cube, plastic wrench, instruction, transparent box.

Manufacturer: Gan
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Наконец то он у меня :-) . Забронировал ещё неделю назад, за что особая благодарность Роману Остапенко. Вчера получил зарплату оплатил и уже сегодня в обед пришла посылка. Куб очень мягкий и тихий. Он больше на Юксин по Ощущениям чем Ган 357. Но качество чувствуется в каждом миллиметре куба. Просто супер!
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