Rubik's Cube Gan356 Air U (Ultimate)

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Gan356 Air Ultimate

— a modification of one of the best cubes in the history of speedcubing puzzles! Ultimate (or U) version weighs only 66(!) grams, so this cube is the easiest in the world. With it you can do 1000 attempts per day and you will not feel tired.

To achieve this weight, several changes were made to the internal design of Gan356 Air. Internal columns which positioned the elements were removed. Metal screws were replaced with nylon, which allowed to remove several grams. Now all joints are treated with a very powerful glue, due to which the element walls do not vibrate at high speed. The results of the crash test are impressive — the cube does not fall apart after falling from a height of 2 meters!

The material of the corner and edge feet was changed to luminescent premium plastic, which allowed to obtain a slightly different coefficient of friction and make the cube more smooth inside. Also this cube has an ultra-low deformation ability (less than 7°), and almost does not lose its shape during fast algorithms.

Gan engineers paid attention to the reviews of the speedcubing community and applied in the Gan356 Air U cube GES nuts'n'springs of green colour, as they have a better balance of controllability, speed and stability of the structure. However, all kinds of springs are supplied — from red to purple — so you will always be able to customize the cube according to your preferences.

Gan Air U is delivered in a transparent plastic box GanBox v2 and stickered with full-bright fluorescent stickers made of Oracal film.

Gan Air Ultimate this is a real masterpiece, in which all the latest developments of Gan are applied! Due to its low weight and very low friction coefficient, the speed on this cube can be enormous. If you are familiar with professional solving methods and have stable 8-10 TPS, then the results of 7-8 seconds is a reality!

Packaging: Rubik's Cube, plastic wrench — 2 pcs, nuts'n'springs kits Gan GES (S-Series + G-Series), instruction, transparent plastic box GanBox v2.

Manufacturer: Gan
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Лучший из ганов .
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