Rubik's Cube Gan356 Air UM (Ultimate Magnetic)

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Gan356 Air Ultimate Magnetic — a magnetised version of the lightest Rubik's Cube in history — GAN356 Air Ultimate.

In 2016 the cuber Chris Tran proposed to use magnets for faces positioning, and the impressed Gan engineers picked up this idea. GAN356 Air Ultimate Magnetic became the world's first Rubik's Cube with magnets in mass production.

Magnets increased the weight of the puzzle by only a few grams, but the feelings you've got are unforgettable. The edges are now positioned perfectly, and you will not lose speed at the moments when the cube needs to cut a corner for aligning the side. This is especially important during one-handed and blindfolded solving, because the controllability plays a key role in these cases.

This cube also has all other desing features of the Ultimate version: the absence of internal columns, nylon fixing screws, treatment of elements with powerful Swiss glue, which also used for gluing magnets. Also inner parts of the puzzle are made of premium plastic, which makes the rotation very smooth.

Factory tuning of GAN356 Air UM cube uses softest purple springs, so that the resistance of the springs does not interfere with the movement of the edges by magnetism. However, all types of springs are supplied — from red to purple — so you can always customize the cube according to your preferences.

Gan Air UM is supplied in a transparent plastic GanBox v3 and stickered with bright fluorescent stickers from the German Oracal film (color scheme — full fluo).

Gan356 Air Ultimate Magnetic is one of the best Rubik's Cubes that humanity has ever invented. Beginners will be able to feel an unprecedented pleasure from rotation and lack of lockups, while professionals will get a very powerful tool with many options for achieving the best results. With such a cube, the victory at speedcubing competitions will not seem like a pipe dream.

Packaging: Rubik's Cube, plastic wrench — 2 pcs, nuts'n'springs kits Gan GES (S-Series + G-Series), instruction, transparent plastic box GanBox v3, velour pouch, plastic card.

Manufacturer: Gan
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