Rubik's Cube GuoGuan YueXiao

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3x3 Cube GuoGuan YueXiao

became a serious rival to grandees such as the Gan356-S and MoYu WeiLong GTS immediately after release. GuoGuan — another brand of the mighty Chinese manufacturer YongJun along with MoYu and Cong.

GuoGuan YueXiao has a unique mechanism with many small design decisions that make the cube one of the best in the history of cubebuilding! The design uses square corner caps — they do not affect the speed, but excludes such annoying thing as random corner-turning during speedsolving. Plastic rough and dry, which gives the great speed and sufficient controllability. Grease has little effect on the torsion — only a plentiful lubrication of the internal parts of the YueXiao GuoGuan will give the desired effect. Thickened sides of pieces make this cube heavier and prevent any breakages and cleaving on the details. Also, a cube has amazing fluorescent stickers that cover almost the entire surface of the parts, so to determine the colour at high speed, in low light, while memorising phase at blindfolded, will have no difficulty.

3x3 Cube from GuoGuan one of the best cubes at all! With this model you can set any records, both personal and global scale. It will suit any cuber: from beginners to professionals.

Manufacturer: MoYu (Cong's, GuoGuan)
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