Rubik's Cube The Valk 3

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Having barely entered the wide market, The Valk 3 from world record holder Mats Valk has undoubtedly become a Rubik's cube for real champions! The cube of the same name, without a doubt, deserves to be in the leaders from every side — from appearance to internal components.

Stylish design packaging, nice-looking fluorescent colors of stickers — this is what attracts anyone. Colour version of the puzzle is not inferior, as bright and attractive colors just do not leave a choice, and the hands themselves are desiring to try!

The first thing that makes this cube different from its competitors is that it is so smooth and soft, which is very noticeable even without additional settings.

Since this cube is intended for purposeful and eager to improve their results speedcubers, it will not let you blunder, because it is incredibly fast, and the cutcorner performance is more than 45 degrees!

Coming from the elite line of cubes The Valk 3 leaves no doubt about the quality of assembly and plastic — here everything is done at the highest level.

This model has collected all the best from previous QiYi / MoFangGe cubes models — stability, speed, smoothness, ability to cut corners — what creates an excellent combination!

Achieve excellent results with The Valk 3, and maybe someday the cube will come out even better, but with your name on it!

Manufacturer: MoFangGe (QiYi, X-Man, The Valk)
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# 1
Получив куб через 1 день кубік шикарний швидкий коротко шикарний
# 2
Куб получил через 20 часов после заказа, просто реактивная доставка, спасибо Роману) Куб просто шик, прекрасно крутится из коробки, не заедает, не попает, единственное я думал, что он будет резать больше 45 с коробки, но это все поправимо). Я очень доволен! Спасибо магазину за куб)
# 3
Прекрасный куб. Быстрое вращение граней несмотря на шершавость и некое трение. Прекрасно настроен с коробки. Не зря он считается одним из лучших. Отдельную благодарность хочу выразить магазину.
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