Rubik's Cube The Valk 3 Power

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After the release of one of the best 3x3 cubes The Valk 3, MoFangeGe together with speedcuber from Netherlands Mats Valk create upgraded version of the cube —

The Valk 3 Power


In this version, several very important and non-standard design solutions were embodied. A copper bushing is built into the plastic core, in which the screw is screwed. The bushing has a significantly lower manufacturing error (less than 0.01 mm) and is ideally combined with a 2 mm diameter screw. Improved accuracy of the Valk 3 Power core makes the cube more stable.

Inner elements are now made of premium plastic with a technology that eliminates the seams on the contacting surfaces. Due to this, there is no vibration during rotation, the cube rotates much more smoothly. Premium plastic is more slippery than other types of plastics, and its use in The Valk designs allows the cube to last much longer without wear and tear.

The manufacturer guarantees cutting a longitudinal angle of 55 degrees and a transverse angle of 30 degrees, but in practice it is proved that this cube can cut any angle. Valk Power is stickered with contrasting fluorescent stickers from the ORACAL film (Germany) 0.13 mm thick.

The Valk 3 Power is a truly amazing cube! It will give you new sensations from the solving, and you will have an incredible pleasure from puzzle twisting.

Edge length: 55.5 mm.

Manufacturer: MoFangGe (QiYi, X-Man, The Valk)
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Куб хороший, мягкe крутіння The Valk power. Дали в подарок просту білі кришечку дрібниця але приємно незвично крутити після The valk 3.
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