5x5x5 Cube MoYu HuaChuang

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We have not yet enjoy the pleasant sensations of excellent 5x5 Cube MoYu AoChuang, but our friends are preparing for their fans another surprise to New Year holidays.

5x5 MoYu HuaChuang

— this is another mystery that should blow up speedcuber's consciousness and open a new vision of multilayer puzzles design.

There is no any information except that the release of the puzzle will be held in early January, so fans catched their breath looking forward to another masterpiece from MoYu.

It is not known will MoYu HuaChuang be a budget version or vice versa will cost as much as a bag of gold, but in any case there is no reason for grief, because MoYu engineers know their job very good, and never disappoint their fans.

Therefore, happy holidays for all of you, and let's wait for a new 5x5 Rubik's Cube in our store at the end of January!

Manufacturer: MoYu (Cong's, GuoGuan)
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