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Bandaged 3x3 Cubes from CubeTwist

— a family of puzzles, which are based on the classic Rubik's Cube, and where some elements are connected in 1x1x2, 1x1x3, 2x2x1, 2x2x2 and 2x2x3 blocks. Each individual puzzle differs with a unique solution, design pattern, the number of connected elements and difficulty.

Below we provide a brief description of the most interesting bandaged cubes 3x3, most of which were invented by Russian puzzlers Evgeniy Grigor'ev and Evgeniy Benek.

Bi Cube — is a puzzle, which is the ancestor of the bandaged cubes. Has 11 1x1x2 blocks, 1 2x2x1 block and moderate difficulty.

Bin Cube or Bi Cube Advanced — sophisticated version of Bi Cube; characterised in that a 2x2x1 block is divided into two parts, thereby the degree of scrambling is increased in several times.

Spiral Cube — a quite interesting puzzle, in which the blocks are located on three sides, and the remaining elements are free. Difficulty: moderate.

Agressor Cube — pretty nice bandaged cube, which can be scrambled well and whose difficulty is comparable to the Bi Cube and the Spiral Cube.

Fortress Cube — probably the most beautiful bandaged 3x3 among all existing ones, which sides remind the walls of the stronghold. The cube has a high difficulty both in scrambling and in solving.

Snake Cube — a treacherous as a snake, a unique "bandage", which has a chain consisting of 7 1x1x2 blocks along the entire cube. Difficulty: high.

Snake-2 Cube — continuation of the "snake" theme; cube now has a second snake, which binds free centers.

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