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Tony Fisher's Cube

— is an original puzzle based on the classic Rubik's Cube 3x3, and is named in honor of the inventor. The basic idea is that the elements are turned about a vertical axis by 45° and increased until regular cubic shape.

Tony Fisher's Cube 3x3 is made at large puzzle factory YongJun, which is known for such wonderful products as Rubik's Cube YJ-MoYu YuLong and Rubik's Heart Cube. Puzzle made ​​of high quality plastic, faces are quite easy to turn, especially after lubrication, plastered with matt standard set of stickers from the manufacturer.

Fisher Cube YongJun is much more complicated than standard Rubik's Cube 3x3, because it changes shape, has a few parities (situations that involve only 2 elements), and characterised by the need to put the central piece to the right position.

Tony Fisher's Cube — a mandatory attribute of the collection of any cuber, because it is fundamental in the development of other well-known puzzle modifications.

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Manufacturer: YongJun (YJ)
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Reviews (4)
# 1
оформили и доставили быстро. за это +
сам кубик очень слабого качества. некоторые грани отлетают... боюсь даже его с усилием его крутить.
# 2
Інтересно крутиться при тому дуже плавно, як швидкісний куб.
# 3
А мне неочень понравился, лутше зеркальный собирать.Это кубик просто чтоб для колекцыи
# 4
классный кубик, очень советую приобрести всем)
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