Crazy Fisher Cube MoYu

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Crazy Fisher MoYu YiLeng

— an improved version of the legendary puzzle Tony Fisher's Cube. This model is a sophisticated modification, because the vertical axis cube now tilted at an angle of about 30°. Thereby puzzle lost symmetry and became much more interesting.

"Crazy" Fisher MoYu, as well as all the puzzles of this brand, have high quality casted elements, that are rounded at points of contact with other elements. Feels very similar to a perfect MoYu AoLong, and it is possible that it was based on the design of this awesome Rubik's Cube. Now Fisher wonderful cuts corners, and much less lock-ups, compared to the original puzzle.

After scrambling has a very intricate shape, and sometimes you can easy confuse corner pieces with the edge ones. Whereas Tony Fisher's Cube have only 4 centers that have the ability to turn in place, the Fisher MoYu YiLeng have 6 such centers because of asymmetry.

The only disadvantage of the puzzle is the presence of the two small stickers on each side that can come off pretty quickly. However, no need to worry, because in our shop stickers for "Crazy" Tony Fisher's Cube MoYu will be available soon.

In short, if you are looking for the high-quality cube, which will be interesting to solve again and again, then Crazy Fisher Cube is created especially for you!

Manufacturer: MoYu (Cong's, GuoGuan)
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Прекрасная головоломка. Замечательно крутится. Слабо держутся малые наклейки.
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