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Traxxas lube for the Rubik's Cubes

is loved by millions of hearts abroad. It is used by many "top" cubers, including Pyraminx World Champion Drew Brads, World Record holder in solving 2x2 Cube Chris Olson, and, of course, the best of the best — Australian Feliks Zemdegs.

While the majority of lubricants give to the cube or speed, or control, Traxxas Differential Oil will make your cube both fast and controlled, which is incredibly difficult to obtain with other lubricants (even by mixing different compositions). Chris Olson has a popular video "How to Make Your AoSu 4x4 Really Good", in which he used lube Traxxas 50k, and, judging by the reviews of foreign cubers, 4x4 Cube became just amazing!

What are the sensation of it? Once you've added Traxxas Oil into a cube, it becomes very bold and not fast. But it is necessary to make 50-100 solves to spread the lubricant throughout the puzzle, and you will not believe your hands, because the cube becomes very smooth. It's an incredible feeling! Also, after the acquisition of the lubricant, you will forget about buying a new one for a long time, because its volume is greater than 50 ml.

It can be recommended for the 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 Rubik's Cubes, Pyraminxes and Skewbs, whereas for big cubes and Megaminxes "white" Maru fits better.

Meet! For the first time in the puzzles stores of CIS — lube for the Rubik's Cubes Traxxas 50k!

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Взял вместе с Ган 356. Ган изначально смазан. Так что пока не проверял смазку. Но она густая мак Мару голубая, а 50мл намного выгоднее в покупке, чем Синяя Мару.
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