Devil's Eyes MoYu v1/v2

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MoYu MoYan

— is a unique puzzle from the sensational brand, made in the form of a rhombic dodecahedron, which is based on the 5x5 Rubik's Cube (to be more precise, the design is nothing else than MoYu AoChuang).

If you do not pay attention to the form, we can say that from the 5x5 Cube there were only 8 pieces on 6 sides (8*6=48 elements), but this fact does not alleviate the task. The main problem is that the Devil's Eyes has 12 colors, and if you don't know by heart their location in space, then it is very difficult to understand where each element should be.

The puzzle have 2 versions. The first version is much more complicated because all the elements can move relative to each other, there is no fixed colors, and in scrambled state it is unclear where to start. The second version is a little easier because the "devil's eyes" have pupils with fixed colors, but at the last stage still there are situations that do not exist in the 5x5 Rubik's Cube: three-cycles of edge and corner centers, and because in puzzle the same elements are present — the parities can occur.

The design of the puzzle is beyond praise: the inner layers are rounded in order to absorb the central element, and this idea looks impressive.

MoYu MoYan — is one of the best Rubik's Cube modifications, that have ever been invented by mankind, because authors are carefully tried to disguise a real mechanism, and even having 5x5 Cube solving skills, it will be quite difficult to cope with this puzzle.

Manufacturer: MoYu (Cong's, GuoGuan)
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Превосходная головоломка! Крутится отлично, хотя внешние слои, по-моему, немного разболтаны. Собирать интересно, ничего общего со сборкой 5х5 не обнаружил!
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