2x2x2 Cube FagnShi XingYu

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2x2 Cube FangShi XingYu — another novelty from the most unpredictable manufacturer who accustomed to delight connoisseurs of high-speed puzzles rare, but to the point. At this time, we will see a little improved version more than amazing 2x2 Cube FangShi ShiShuang.

The cube has an unusually robust design: thanks to the lengthened inner edges and the minimal clearances for corner pieces it can't be disassembled, and, therefore, it is impossible to break it during speed solving.

FangShi XingYu do not cut unreal 45°, which is never needed in practice. But it is extremely stable, and suitable for the performance of high-speed algorithms out of the box!

2x2 Rubik's Cube FangShi XingYu

— is still dark horse, but judging by the fact that FangShi company is very selective in their creations, we can safely say that this model should make a rustle among speedcubing fans.
Manufacturer: Funs (FangShi, LimCube)
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