Rubik's Cube Gan356 Air SM

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Gan Air SM

is a super modern magnetic Rubik's Cube made with the latest technology, which has a lot of tuning options. Almost immediately after the release in June 2017, Australian Feliks Zemdegs set the world record for the average time of 5.97 seconds with this magnificent cube.

Corner and edge pieces of the Gan356 Air SM have special cells for securing the magnets. Thanks to them, the magnets do not change their position, and the positioning of the faces can be achieved with maximum accuracy. The design uses 48 magnets which are 3 mm in diameter and 2 mm in height.

Gan356 Air SM uses the best design features from previous Gan356 models: anti-flip mechanism on the corners, a triple anti-pop mechanism on the edges, stalks and elements are conected using powerful deep screws and a design in which the seams are hidden inside the element.

An important feature of the cube — design of the inner surface of the elements. Now they have a hexagon pattern and remind bee honeycombs. This was done in order to extend the life of the lubricant and ensure its better distribution inside the cube.

Gan Air SM uses an iron-plastic core Gan IPG v4 in conjunction with the nuts'n'springs Gan GES G-Series v2. Unlike the third version, the core has a slightly longer distance to the central cap, and therefore the cube configuration has more options. In turn, the second-generation GES nuts have an elongated cylinder for the spring, so it is possible to make the cube more flexible in order to achieve maximum cutting angles.

The cube is supplied in the transparent box GanBox v3 and stickered with German Oracal stickers (color scheme — "full-bright fluo"). In the package there is also a velvet bag with a logo.

Packaging: Rubik's Cube, plastic wrench — 2 pcs, nuts'n'springs kits Gan GES v2 (S-Series + G-Series), transparent plastic box GanBox v3, velour pouch, plastic card.

Manufacturer: Gan
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чого нема версії в пластику слонової кості

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