4x4x4 Cube YuXin King

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YuXin 4x4 King

— new arrival in professional cube design, which gave to cubers a new feelings and, as a result, new opportunities.

4x4 YuXin King has a very unique design, in which several innovations was implemented by YuXin company (aka ZhiSheng):

  1. Core has through openings in all three axes, whereby, according to the developers' statement, maximum accuracy in centering of screws was achieved.
  2. The central elements have a biggest wide among the most famous 4x4 Cubes, allowing to hide the small edges deeper and to increase reliability.
  3. The internal big edges have a special form — now lateral sides have wings, which hold the element so strong, that even disassembling of YuXin 4x4 King will be a difficult task.
  4. All kinds of internal and external rounding of pretty massive elements have allowed this cube to cuts a magnificent corners both on single and on double layers.

Cube has non-fluorescent stickers, but the colours are well distinguished, and they are easy to recognise at any time of a day.

King from YuXin — an excellent 4x4 Cube, which was designed to achieve highest results. It is perfect fit both for solving at competition and for training at home. Because of low price and excellent high-speed characteristics, this cube became one of the best in the world of speedcubing.

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Manufacturer: YuXin (ZhiSheng)
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