Wheel of Time MoYu

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Wheel of Time MoYu

— is a new unique puzzle from MoYu, which is probably derived from the 5x5 Rubik's Cube.

The basic idea is that the central elements of the 5x5 Cube is placed in such a way that they can rotate independently from the "outside" edge and corner pieces, so this puzzle, in a sense, falls under the "crazy" category. Note also that the corner elements are bandaged with nearby edge elements, so even now we can say that Wheel of Time from MoYu will not be an easy puzzle.

The combination of high quality products with the latest high-tech ideas in puzzle design — this is the main reason for the success of such cubing monster as MoYu. Therefore, if you are looking for a gift that will immerse you for a long time in the world of intellectual leisure, MoYu Wheel of Time — it's your choice!

Manufacturer: MoYu (Cong's, GuoGuan)
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Хороша штука. Не занадто важка, але і подумати прийдеться. Якість на висоті. Крутиться плавно, не локапить, да ще й досьть великі кути зрізає (о_0). Рекомендую.
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